Old Lifts at West

Beaver Lake's only tower remaining

Beaver Lake's only remaining tower

Beaver Lake's Bottom Terminal

Beaver Lake's Bottom Terminal

Beaver Lakes Lift Line

Beaver Lake's lift line and bottom terminal from a distance

Overview of Beaver Lake

Overview of Beaver Lake

A Thunderbird Lift Tower

A Thunderbird Lift Tower found on the Thunderbolt trail

Another Thunderbird Tower

Another Thunderbird tower

Lift Line

The lift line

Lift Line 2

Another View of the Lift Line

Top Station of Easy Rider

Easy Rider's Top Station and one of the two remaining towers

Easy Rider Bottom Terminal

Easy Rider's Bottom Terminal and the other remaining tower

Bottom Terminal

The Bottom Terminal


The Tower


An old rope tow sign I found while hiking in June 2020

360 Bowl's tower

360 Bowl's tower

Old lifts at East

Easy Gold's Top Terminal

Closeup of easy golds top terminal

Easy Gold's top terminal closeup

Backside bottom terminal

Backside's bottom terminal (Backside was part of Dinosaur)